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Search extension
Executed directly from the address bar, these lightweight extensions provide instant search results of docs and libraries. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll wonder how you lived without them!
Rust Search Extension
The ultimate search extension for rust
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Go Search Extension
The ultimate search extension for golang
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C/C++ Search Extension
The ultimate search extension for cpp
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Kubernetes Search Extension
The ultimate search extension for k8s
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JS Search Extension
The ultimate search extension for javascript
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Productivity tools
We might be known as “the search geeks”, but we’re not a one trick pony! We’re not just all about fast — we make things fast, easy, and fun!
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  • Rust Search Extension
    This is by far the best extension I know about for a programming language I use. You also seem to have great ideas for new features, which you keep adding on a fast pace. All of them are also features that I did not even know that I want.
    comment by User on /r/rust
  • Rust Search Extension
    If you aren't using the Rust Search extension, you absolutely should be. Makes it several times faster to land where you want, *especially* with some libraries (cough nom cough) for which Google stubbornly prefers to link to old version.
    comment by User on /r/rust
  • C/C++ Search Extension
    I wanted to thank you - I've been using it on Firefox ever since you posted about the first release. I use it almost every day, so thank you!
    comment by User on /r/cpp
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