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Search std docs, crates, builtin attributes, official books, and error codes, etc in your address bar instantly. Input keyword rs then press Space to get started. Just that easy!

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Currently,we only support search documentation of those official crates:

Search Primitive Types and Modules


Search Structs, Traits and Enums


Search Functions, Methods and Macros


Search doc with type mode

You can prefix a type to get the exclusive search result. Those type keywords including:

For example, fn:asref to search function or trait:iterator to search trait.


Search builtin attributes

Search builtin attributes (such as derive, non_exhaustive) are also supported, by default, the result is mixed with other related docs or crates though.

If you prefer to search attribute exclusively, prefix a # (pound sign) before the keyword to narrow the result.


Search top 20K crates

We build top 20K crates index (more than 35K in total on once a day to help you search crates instantly. You can open the popup page to sync the latest crates index automatically. (Some caveats for Firefox users.)

What more, you can prefix an ! (exclamation mark) before the keyword to search crates exclusively, prefix one more ! (double exclamation mark) to open page instead page!


Search Compiler Error Index


Search Rust official book chapters

You can search all of Rust book chapters too! The result will show the title of the related page, parent chapter, and grandparent chapter.


Offline mode, search local Rust docs

You can run command rustup doc --std to open the offline std docs. To enable the offline mode, you should check the checkbox and input the offline docs path on the popup page. However, please check the Caveats if you are a Firefox user.


Display Feature Flags in page don't display the crate's feature flags, which is inconvenient. So Rust Search Extension fills the gap.


Command system

The command system brings a handy set of useful and convenient commands to you. Each command starts with a : (colon), followed by the name, and function differently in individual. Those commands including but not limited to:


Page down/up easily

You can press space after the keyword, then increase or decrease the number of - (hyphen) to page down or page up.